AY 2024-2025

The Board of Trustees, hereinafter the "Board," is the legal employer of all employees of Colorado School of Mines, hereinafter "Mines," including those who have been designated as exempt from the State Personnel System.  The Board has set forth the personnel policies, procedures and statements in this edition of the Mines Faculty Handbook, hereinafter the "Handbook," for the convenience of members of the university community.  Although these policies, procedures and statements cover a wide variety of subjects, there are other important policies and procedures that should be consulted as the need arises. This Handbook is not intended to address all circumstances related to a faculty member’s role in the institution. With the exception of sections addressing the conferral and termination of tenure, the information contained in the Handbook is not intended to constitute an express or implied contract of employment with the institution. This Handbook shall supersede all previous versions of the Mines Faculty Handbook.

The Board desires to establish a collaborative environment in which all participants work together for the ultimate welfare of the institution, the students, and the faculty.  To that end, the Board intends the faculty to be active participants in the operation of the university.  To achieve this objective, this Handbook contains policies and procedures intended to encourage consultation with the faculty on issues of mutual concern, such as program changes, employment policies, and other issues related to institutional operation.

Although Colorado law grants to the Board the right to amend this Handbook at any time, the Board intends to consult with the faculty to the maximum extent practicable prior to implementing a significant change to any employment policy or procedure contained in the Handbook.  Furthermore, except in special cases requiring prompt action, the Board intends to consider amendments to the Handbook during the spring semester of each academic year and to make any such amendments effective at the conclusion of the academic year.  The Board also recognizes that Colorado law grants the instructional power of Mines to its faculty.

The Board may not, and does not intend to, delegate any portion of its statutory management authority which is not delegable by law.  In those areas where the Board is permitted to delegate its management authority, it intends to do so only through the use of clear and unambiguous language.  Consistent with its statutory authority, the Board delegates to the Mines President the authority to implement non-material changes to the Handbook format or content.