Summary of Changes from Previous Year

Handbook Changes Approved by the Board of Trustees
June 15, 2022


Subject Description Handbook Sections
University Distinguished Professor Change from Distinguished University Professor (DUP) to University Distinguished Professor (UDP) 4.1.9
Holiday Leave Removal of reference to "twelve days total" as it is inconsistent with current practice 5.4.6
Sabbatical Leave Added language clarifying a one-year sabbatical must be completed with two consecutive (back-to-back) semesters 10.2.3 B
Sabbatical Reports Added instructions for faculty to include a short 150-200 word abstract when submitting final sabbatical reports 10.2.3 I
Budget Committee Membership cleaned up for accuracy 12.3.2
Handbook Committee Membership language cleaned up for accuracy 12.4.2
Research Faculty Promotions Revised language to align with current practice: Provost & VPRTT review research faculty promotions (not the University Promotion & Tenure Committee) 8.3.4 E & F
Affiliate Faculty Revised language to correct and accurately reflect the parameters for Affiliate Faculty activity 4.1.2 E7
External Joint Faculty Revised language extending status to "mutually agreed upon time frame" to align with current practice 4.1.2 E8
Policy Concerning Research Misconduct Name change to Policy for Research Integrity and Procedure for Addressing Research Misconduct 10.3
Revised language to adopt Mines value of research (inspired by the National Academy of Sciences)
Language outlining procedure to address appeals of disciplinary action
NOTE: RTT proposed moving the Policy and Procedures Concerning Research Integrity and Misconduct out of the Handbook and replacing the information with associated links directed to the Mines Policy Library and RTT websites. Handbook Committee tabled this proposal in favor of continued discussion about the Handbook's purpose, organization, and content.