5.2 Eligibility for Benefits

Eligibility will be determined annually in accordance with applicable plan documents and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  In general, 0.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) faculty employed in Tenured or Tenure-Track, Teaching and Named Faculty positions, Library, Administrative and Research Faculty are eligible for Mines sponsored health benefit plans and fringe benefits.

Temporary Faculty (Adjunct Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, Temporary Administrative Faculty, and Temporary Research Faculty) and Non-Remuneration Faculty generally are not eligible for Mines sponsored health benefit plans or fringe benefits (including leave benefits), except for those required by law.  

Current Mines group health benefit plan information and the rules that govern the plans are available at Faculty Benefits (Current Benefits) and information about leave benefits can be found here (Leave Benefits).

Benefit Type Full-Time*** Part-Time*** .5-.99 FTE Temporary**
Unpaid Leave X X
Annual Leave X* X*
Sick Leave X X X
Family Medical Leave X X X
Holiday Leave X X
Administrative Leave X X
Bereavement Leave X X
Jury or Court Leave X X X
Military Leave X X X
Injury Leave X X
Medical Disability Leave X X
Parental Leave X X
Health and Disability Leave X X
Parental Leave X X
Health and Disability Insurance X X
Dental Insurance X X
Vision Insurance X X
Life Insurance X X
Travel and Accident Insurance X X
Workers' Compensation Insurance X X X
Retirement System Membership X X X
Unemployment Insurance Benefits X X X
Medicare X X X

Annual Leave not applicable to Academic Faculty


Temporary positions working 1250 hours in the prior 12 months may be eligible for FML; this includes the following classifications: Adjunct, Affiliate, Admin, Research, or Athletics


T/TT, Teaching, Named Faculty, Research, Admin, Library, Athletics